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Work at ABACUS digital

Innovate with purpose

Innovate a genuinely inclusive Thai economy with us 
We’re working to create and build new ways for everyone to access finance and have a real chance at a better life, and we’re looking for people like you to help create those products and opportunities at ABACUS digital.

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Giving Everyone Their Own Opportunities to Succeed

We’ve only just begun on our mission, and we will continue to add more breakthrough products and services to our growing platform. But because we recognize that true innovation is the result of diverse thinking, people and experiences, we want to work together with you to deliver it. 

You’ll be in good company

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Life at ABACUS digital

We strive to live by the same values we promise our customers - innovation, opportunity, inclusivity. So, whatever the stage of your career, ABACUS digital is striving to build an open and creative workplace where you can grow, learn and explore. To live up to this, we are guided by 3 commitments. 

Think Bold

Make Impact

Build Trust

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'The people at Abacus are just amazing to work with; smart, diverse, nice, and always helpful to one another. This is really essential especially when we try to solve very challenging problems.'




PhD Mathematics,
Stanford University

Head of Analytics & Modeling

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