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About this role

How can we redesign financial products so they actually reflected our needs, values and ambitions? How would financial services differ if they were accessible to everyone in need? We work on these questions everyday at ABACUS digital and we need an expert to help us.

As an economist, you will help us make a smarter decision by bringing to life know-hows from economic theory and findings from the latest economic literature to create business impact. You will help ask the right questions about users and products, and bring in a wide range of research skills to answer those questions scientifically. You’ll focus on product and market research, uncovering deep insights about what makes users tick. You will partner cross functionally, represent the voice of the customer at the table, and take pride in delivering best-in-class insights.

What you will do

  • Apply economic theory and findings from latest literature to improve product/feature design such as behavioral nudges

  • Design and execute qualitative and quantitative research projects that will guide product development and communication strategies

  • Lead market research for product development, including opportunity sizing, target market segmentation, competitive assessment, concept testing, feedback gathering

  • Be the go-to expert on experiment design and causal inference methods. Guide business partners in framing testable hypotheses and selecting appropriate metrics to extract insights with a statistically sound approach

  • Work with Data Science and Analytics to analyze and present behavioral insights from products to ensure a rapid iteration process

What we look for

  • Advanced degree in Economics. PhD preferred.

  • 1+ years experience in research or analytics roles with a consumer focus or a micro-data focus

  • Ability to frame research questions that are relevant to business

  • Proficiency in advanced statistical concepts and quantitative methodologies e.g. regression analysis, statistical hypothesis testing, online surveys, discrete-choice studies.

  • Skilled in designing research projects from scope, execution, and delivery of results through reports that are customized to a team’s particular needs

  • Extraordinary communication and storytelling skills: you speak and write succinctly and clearly, focusing on what’s most important in a compelling way that draws audiences in

  • Independent problem solver who can roll up sleeves and get things done

  • SQL, Python proficiency is a plus

If you are interested in joining our team, please click on the "Apply Now" button to send your CV and portfolio (if applicable). Alternatively, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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