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ABACUS digital was founded with the recognition that Thailand and Southeast Asia have the potential to become the fastest-moving enterprises in the world.


It is our mission to help create more widespread opportunity for people by creating more equal credit conditions. Currently, more than 80% of the Thai households have limited access to formal finance such as bank lending and credit cards, and end up turning to predatory lenders with high interest rates of >100% p.a. and frequently unethical collection practices. 

Our advanced digital lending platform, which takes into account non-traditional credit indicators will give everyone the access to the finance they need to now realize their own opportunities to succeed. 


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

We’re providing credit to people who lack access to formal finance.

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30% of our borrowers were previously denied bank loans. Our alternative credit scoring method allows us to extend credit to credit-worthy individuals who may not be able to prove this to banks.

We’re a fair, better alternative
to predatory lending.


1/3 of our borrowers avoided predatory lenders. ABACUS digital’s interest rates are at least 3-4 times cheaper than predatory lenders. Our debt collection approach is also ethically and legally compliant, and we are guided by the World Bank's principles of financial consumer protection.

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We’re encouraging
entrepreneurial youth.


16% of our borrowers are 20-25 years old, five times higher than the nationwide percentage. Early funding opportunities allow young entrepreneurs to build up experience and significantly unlock their career growth faster than before.

We’re supporting

business women.

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63% of our borrowers are female, Thai market figure is at 48%. Widening opportunities for business women allow us to help mitigate inequality and bring out women entrepreneurs' untapped economic potentials.

Collaborative Partnership

ABACUS digital and PTG, a company operating in Thailand's petrol stations, LPG-auto stations, and retail food and beverage businesses, are collaborating to introduce a micro-loan program through the "MoneyThunder" app. This initiative offers exclusive interest rates for PTG customers, aiming to facilitate legal financial access for all customers. 

Meet People Already Enjoying a Real Chance At a Better Life


I was hugely affected by the COVID-19 situation. I used to borrow from loan sharks before I knew MoneyThunder. MoneyThunder helped me to stand on my feet, continue with my business and repay loan sharks. MoneyThunder is not a lender but it is a friend in need.


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