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We believe inclusive lending will give people a real chance at a better life. 

ABACUS digital was formerly known as SCB Abacus. ABACUS digital has built an advanced digital lending platform, driven by data but powered by people. We combine a genuine understanding of on-the-ground realities with leading-edge innovation to create meaningful, practical and first-to-market financial solutions. 


We have a three-part mission that guides our decision-making and aims to unleash the power of opportunity for everyone associated with the business. 

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Product Mission

To create innovative financial products with fully-digitalized decision engines and machine learning techniques, to make the experience fast, convenient and safe. 

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Economic Mission

To operate the business on the basis of profitable growth, increasing value for all  stakeholders and expanded career opportunities for our employees. 

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Social Mission

To advance our society by giving everyone a real chance at a better life through better access to finance. 


We use our own leading-edge machine learning technology to improve how people access vital loans

The Abacus Core Technology (ACT) engine is our internal machine learning platform that enables more accurate and real-time risk prediction, ensuring applicants experience a significantly faster time-to-money. With ACT, the time from initial registration through to loan disbursement averages 15-20 minutes – making a real difference to the underserved Thai workforce.

ACT works by empowering our data scientists to build, deploy and operate machine learning risk models at scale. It solves challenges at different stages of the machine learning pipeline, with a leading advantage being its ability to predict borrowers’ credit risk in real-time.

Our Innovations
Are Being Recognized

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