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Head of Mobile Development

"As software becomes increasingly complex to fulfill the demand of modern society, we strive to provide our AI solutions with the best experience for our users through our mobile application."

Jitrapon leads the team of mobile application at SCB Abacus, ensuring quality delivery with superb user experience for our growing users. Users download our app and come to expect the financial services they need, and his team delivers the seamless and efficient experience for our users cross-platform.


Prior to joining  ABACUS digital, Jitrapon worked in many industries across the technology and consumer landscape to deliver, develop, and maintain a number of teams in mobile application development. The industry ranges from fashion design at Pomelo, travel at Agoda, food delivery at LINE and Wongnai, telecommunications for DTAC under Oozou, and secure messaging in Singapore.

Early in his career, Jitrapon worked as an Associate Software Engineer at Thomson Reuters software, gaining hands-on experience and laying the foundation for his career in software engineering and mobile application development.

Jitrapon's educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He is currently studying part-time in Masters of Applied Data Science at the University of Michigan.

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