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Head of Application Development

"Alternative data can transform software application, enhancing inclusivity and efficiency. Innovative technology enables more impactful, streamlined solutions, to which I'm fully committed."

Chanchai Lee is a highly experienced and accomplished professional, currently holding the position of Head of Application Development at ABACUS digital. He possesses a wealth of expertise in designing microservices with high availability and fault tolerance, leveraging AWS services such as SQS, SNS, EventBridge, Lambda, ECS, SSM, S3, and RDS. He is well-versed in utilizing modern technologies such as Typescript and ORM libraries like TypeORM and Prisma for development. With experience in utilizing Terraform for provisioning resources, he has successfully provisioned key resources such as EventBridge, SQS, Lambda, and SNS.

In his previous role as a backend engineer, Chanchai has a notable history of successfully building modular monolith APIs to support farm monitoring systems by using satellite images and also integrating the system with data platform, utilizing technologies like Typescript and AWS services at AI and Robotics Ventures. He also has experience with e-commerce application development as a backend engineer at Software House and creating microservice adapters using Golang and gRPC for a payment gateway company.
Chanchai is a proud graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where he earned a Master's degree in Computer Science with distinction.

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