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SCB Abacus unveils the future of finance with AI and Big Data in AWS Summit Singapore 2019

Pongthai Chandpoung, Chief Technology Officer, SCB Abacus CO., Ltd., recently joined AWS Executive Forum as a keynote speaker where he shared his view on how the company was transforming to be ready for the future of finance, business success and challenges as Thailand's first provider of digital financial platform leveraging AI and Big Data technology, as well as the deployment of IT infrastructure service from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build a strong digital platform to empower the business.

AWS Executive Forum was recently held at Singapore Expo as part of AWS Summit Singapore 2019. The Forum this year, featuring the theme "Building for the future", brought together hundreds of influential enterprise leaders from various industries such as FSI, Telecom, Media & Entertainment, Travel & Transportation and Manufacturing from across Southeast Asia.

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mark davis
mark davis
Aug 04, 2020




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