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SCB Abacus joins forces with Fastwork to boost liquidity and self-dependence among freelancers

SCB Abacus has partnered with Fastwork, the No.1 source of skilled freelancers in Thailand, in launching the AI-processing digital lending platform "Mae Manee Sri Online" which is specifically designed for freelance workers. Self-employed individuals using Fastwork's service can now apply for loans via online platform and receive money immediately in 24 hours. The collaboration will reinforce SCB Abacus' position as a pioneering leader in the field of e-Lending platform in Thailand, and provide freelance workers with access to funding. With the embedded digital lending solution, Fastwork's scope of services is expected to become more comprehensive while allowing freelancers to discover more optimal job opportunities and work to their full potential.

Dr. Sutapa Amornvivat, Chief Executive Officer, SCB Abacus Co., Ltd., said, "This partnership between SCB Abacus and Fastwork, Thailand's largest source of freelancers, is about leveraging our expertise in financial solutions with 'Mae Manee Sri Online' to help enhance Fastwork's services with objectives to respond to financial demands of freelancers and reduce their hurdles to loan acquisition. By incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to analyze and offer a personalized set of loan terms, applicants via Fastwork shall receive instant approval without further need to submit documentation. Ultimately, the solution will enable freelancers to manage their finances more efficiently while reducing concerns on expenses. The digital lending platform will also increase opportunities to access funding sources among highly-skilled self-employed workers, so they can improve their quality of life with ease."

Vasa Supachok Iamsuri, CEOand Co-founder of, said, "As a platform that brings together quality freelancers, Fastwork focuses heavily on user experience of the members. We found that financial liquidity is one of the key factors that boost freelance workers' ability to confidently accept and deliver assignments that meet the expectations of the employers. Benefits of the loans provided through the 'Mae Manee Sri Online' digital lending service will range from helping the freelancers in buying and sourcing tools or equipment that help enhance their working capabilities to allowing them to address the issue of unexpected expenses. We believe that this partnership between SCB Abacus and Fastwork will strengthen our commitment to promoting Thais to explore their potentials and passion for a stable career and to be able to receive benefits like those in permanent employment. It is also in line with our goal of creating a freelance workforce that thrives in both quality of life and sustainable wellbeing."

The No. 1 source of freelancers in Thailand, Fastwork focuses on building mutual trust between freelancers and employers. With over 60 job categories to select from, Fastwork offers a complete freelancer hiring solution for SMEs, e-Commerce businesses, firms and agencies that look to hire or outsource highly-skilled freelancers with reviews from verified employers provided.

This digital lending service "Mae Manee Sri Online" will soon be available for freelance workers on Fastwork's platforms.

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mark davis
mark davis
Aug 04, 2020




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