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ABACUS digital Announces Rebranding and 2025 IPO Target

Formerly known as SCB Abacus, ABACUS digital has embarked a rebranding initiative with the mission to give everyone a real chance at a better life through safe and simple access to finance. Building on the success of their MoneyThunder app, powered by their proprietary technology, they are expanding their service to foster financial stability, especially among individuals with limited credit profiles. With robust loan growth of 3-4 times per year, three times lower NPLs than an industry average, and an eye on ab IPO in 2025, ABACUS digital is set for a bright future.

Dr. Sutapa Amornvivat, the Founder and CEO of ABACUS digital, reaffirmed the company's commitment to reducing financial disparities and leveraging technology to create financial opportunities for all. They are also committed to extending their technology capabilities to serve a broader spectrum of businesses.

ABACUS digital, driven by its Abacus Core Technology (ACT) engine, offers online loans through the MoneyThunder app, ranging from 800 to 1,000,000 Baht. With 200,000 monthly loan applications, they have established a strong presence in Thailand's online lending market.

Having successfully secured an impressive 1,500 million Baht in Series A and Series B funding over the past two years, setting a Thai Digital Lending record, ABACUS digital is well-supported in its rapid expansion, averaging 3-4 times growth yearly.

Dr. Sutapa revealed, “The company is currently fundraising for Series C, and plans are in place to list on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) by 2025. Our strategic focus goes beyond online lending, encompassing three key initiatives:

1. Max Your Options: Addressing the needs of customers who were previously denied loans by traditional banks by utilizing diverse alternative data sources for credit risk analysis. Simultaneously, developing flexible loan products that empower customers to adjust installment payments according to their life circumstances.

2. Design Your Life: Beyond cash loans, ABACUS digital continues to explore additional financial services to enhance customers' quality of life. Collaborating with specialized partners enables them to provide a broader range of tailored financial products and services.

3. Empower Your Tech: Leveraging our in-house technology, Abacus Core Technology (ACT), to scale seamlessly and empower partner businesses. This includes AI-powered financial document analysis technology and personalization for delivering tailored services to individual customers, ensuring maximum satisfaction."


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