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ABACUS digital Wins Globally Recognized Digital CX Award 2024 Highlights “MoneyThunder” as Tech-Upgraded Lending Service

ABACUS digital, which provides lending services via MoneyThunder application, has won a top award at The Digital CX Awards 2024 via Best LendTech For Digital CX – Personal Finance category. Conferred by The Digital Banker, this accolade underlines ABACUS digital’s success in upgrading lending services with technology in response to Thais’ needs.

Dr. Sutapa Amornvivat, founder and CEO of ABACUS digital, reveals that, “We are immensely proud and honored to have won The Digital CX Award 2024. This accolade reflects our vision and commitment to upgrade lending services for Thais’ enhanced access to funding sources. We stand out because we use our own technology. Developed by Thais, MoneyThunder application truly responds to Thais’ needs. We have used data from various sources in reviewing loan applications, including electricity payment receipts and sales records from various platforms. Therefore, applicants have a higher chance of getting a loan approval. Moreover, we have leveraged technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and automation in streamlining process and boosting accuracy. Therefore, MoneyThunder can approve a loan within 10 minutes. People who wish to start building credit-worthiness can apply for a tiny loan amount, which can be as low as 1,000 baht, from us. For those looking for investment money, we also handle a big loan of up to 1,000,000 baht”.

ABACUS digital also aims to upgrade financial experience to its app users. Activities in MoneyThunder thus help foster good financial discipline, paving the way for customers to develop financial immunity and a better financial life. For example, payment-discipline score is given based on customers’ repayment behaviors. If customers have a problem repaying, this application offers personalized solutions too. The Digital CX Awards 2024 provides ABACUS digital with another motivation to develop MoneyThunder further as a digital lending platform for Thais’ better quality of life. Via the app, more Thais receive opportunities to grow and build a secure future.

ABACUS digital has delivered lending services via MoneyThunder, which has already got more than 19 million downloads. Offering both nano financing and personal loans, its approved loan amount has grown by three to four times a year. Its non-performing loan (NPL) rate is three times lower than the market rate. Now, ABACUS digital aims to enter the Thai stock market by 2025 to accommodate its future business expansion.


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