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Opening Position

Senior Partnership Manager

We are a small but dynamic team of passionate individuals who work together to achieve our mission. Our members  all  come  from  diverse  experiences  ranging  from  Facebook,  Wall  Street  hedge  funds,  and  academia.  The  differences  in  backgrounds  and  profiles  allows  us  to  tackle  problems  with  creativity  and  perspective.All members are not only encouraged but expected to voice to their ideas. All voices are heard, and the best  ideas  are  implemented.  Consistent  with  this  philosophy,  we  are  always  looking  for  motivated  individuals with a thirst for knowledge, curiosity to make discoveries, and a drive to exceed expectations.Here at ABACUS digital, the opportunities to learn and grow are endless – and we hope that you will join us in this challenging, yet exciting and enjoyable journey together.

About the role

The  Partnership  Team  shapes  high-value  partnerships  with  high-profile  companies  to  drive  growth  and  support  today's  business  goals  and  future  growth  bets,  and  we  lead  some  of  the  most  prominent  and  important priorities for the company. This role will be responsible for seeking strategic partners, contract negotiations, and lead the project. You will help define the ecosystem of potential partners and develop the value proposition for how ABACUS digital can add value to the partner and the prospective customer.



  • Identify potential partners that align with company goals and strategy

  • Participate in contract negotiations for large, complex and high-impact partnerships.

  • Own  partnership  launches,  working  with  cross-functional  teams  across  to  develop  partnership  solutions,  ensure  we  meet  our  contractual  obligations,  and  bring  first-of-its-kind  partnerships  to  life.

  • Establish and nurture executive level relationships with our most important strategic partners who assist in the delivery of the partnership's objectives.

  • Supervise  and  optimize  performance  post-launch  through  quantitative  and  qualitative  analyses;  you'll always know how our partnerships are performing and why and develop ideas about how to improve them.

  • Develop and implement long-term partner growth strategies, which may encompass renewal and expansion, net-new deals, and non-deal-related growth initiatives.



  • 5+ years of experience in corporate partnership and/or management consulting and/or business development and/or sales

  • Excellent interpersonal and negotiation skills with attention to detail

  • Strategic and analytical skills to identify business opportunities, using data to surface insights and inform strategy

  • Strong verbal and presentation skills in both English and Thai

  • Experience with mobile application development process and/or lending business is a plus

Interested in joining our team, please send your CV and your portfolio (if any) with following email subject "Joining Abacus Family: Senior Partnership Manager" to [email protected]

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