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Do you really know the financial profiles
of your potential customers?

Let the AI read and analyze, so you can make better decisions

“Save hours of reading bank statements, manually”

With e-Statement reader, parser, and analyzer

AbacusAnalyze comes with

  • e-Statement Reader – Extracting bank statements into machine-readable formats. Then checking if files were modified.

  • e-Statement Parser – Generating key variables like income proxies and cash flow automatically. No miscalculations, no human errors.

  • e-Statement Analyzer – Giving insights on creditworthiness and detecting fraud. Powered by machine-learning models and AI.


An e-Statement analyzer, finally

Revolutionize the way you evaluate risks and approve thin-file customers


Automate e-Statement reading
with analysis on top

Extract data from e-statements automatically for in-depth analysis. Now supporting 9 major Thai banks.

Available as an API integration or a standalone solution.


How ABACUS TechSuite works

Automated, digitized, highly secure - see our product in action!


Ever dream of a simpler, paperless way to sign contracts
and verify your customers’ identities?

The dream can come true, contact us.


Recognized and trusted

ABACUS TechSuite – developed by the winning team, with technologies behind a 12 million download app


Say goodbye to hours of reading e-Statements and human errors

Let the AI do what it does best, so you can focus on your core business

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